Mamas - you want your family to be happy and healthy so you try to read labels, you try to buy organic whenever possible, but it's overwhelming isn't it? Let's make it simple.


The Beginning

When my children were born I started to become more aware of what we were eating and the products we were using. I wanted the best for my babies so I began to take small steps toward a more natural lifestyle. I breastfed my first baby and bought organic baby food, even making my own at times. By my second baby I ventured into cloth diapering and baby wearing and learned even more about the products we were using.


“Every oil you use is a chemical you're not using.”

— Sarah Harnisch, Young Living Diamond


The Journey

In April 2014 I added essential oils to our natural arsenal. I had previously used some from the grocery store in my homemade cleaning products, but this time it was different. These oils were pure, therapeutic grade. This means they actually had therapeutic qualities and could have a profound effect on our bodies. I was amazed at what these little bottles could do!

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A Mission

I immediately fell in love with essential oils and couldn't help but share them with everyone I knew. I would hear people talk about their issues and ailments and I would literally respond with "there's an oil for that!" I wanted everyone to feel the life changing empowerment that comes with taking your health into your own hands. I wanted everyone to experience the wellness, purpose, and abundance as I have since I started this journey.



The number of oils included in the Young Living starter kit. Everything you need to begin your journey to wellness!


The starter kit includes one diffuser to accompany your oils. There are four different choices and all are wonderful.


The number of families who have said YES to wellness and started their adventure by joining our community.


A Purpose

The average American applies 300 chemicals to their body each day in the form of soaps, shampoo, lotions, makeup, and other personal care products. On top of that we are using chemicals to clean our homes, wash our clothes, and freshen the air. All of this pollutes the air we breath in our most sacred spaces.  Did you know that just one hour of burning a scented candle is equivalent to smoking a cigarette?

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How To Start

Making change is hard and can feel like a very overwhelming task. How do you change everything you're doing? How do you replace every product you're using? It's too much to do all at once, it's a journey and change like that doesn't happen over night. Start with baby steps, swap out one product at a time. Before you know it you will look around an no longer see toxic chemicals in the cupboards and shelves of your home.

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